The Most Popular Online Learning Courses During Lockdown

Have you been using your time at home effectively?

If you are like many people, you’re adding to your knowledge base, despite the temptation of online gaming, which has seen a $7 billion increase from last year globally.

Read about what others occupied themselves with to get on with self-improvement, but you may equally want to think about what you want to focus on.

So, what are some of the most popular online courses taken during the coronavirus outbreak?

Here are eight suggestions for bettering yourself through distance learning while social distancing measures remain.

1. Computer and Digital SkillsComputer and Digital Skills - The Most Popular Online Learning Courses During Lockdown

If you worked in a nonessential industry outside of the home and lost your job, you might wonder, “What can I do from the comfort of my living room?” Computer science and mobile or web developer courses are some of the most popular coronavirus distance learning endeavors because they can lead to career growth and offer considerable benefits:

  • You can work from anywhere including home: You can set up shop anywhere you can connect to the internet and open your laptop.
  • You don’t have to socialize much: Are you an incontrovertible introvert? Unless you go into customer support, you won’t have to chat with others or even hang out around the virtual water cooler much. Hello, sweet social distancing.
  • You can earn a tidy income: Mobile app and web developers can pull six figures annually — that’s an incentive to work your way up the ladder.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is approaching fast from regularly ordering food online, to digital health care and education, the web is steadily taking over. And I4 brings with it the promise of increasing income levels and new work opportunities worldwide.

Furthermore, many jobs are likely to become fully virtual and workers will be expected to work from their smart home office. It turns out most employment trends follow these characteristics, which will impact the training required to be able to work online with digital skills, which one can learn with SeekaHost University amongst other eLearning platforms.

You can learn more about popular and emerging online work opportunities and which skills will be required in the below guides:

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2. Language LearningLanguage Learning - The Most Popular Online Learning Courses During Lockdown

If you haven’t spoken anything but English since you left school, why not take advantage of language-learning apps? Some allow you to tackle more than one tongue at a time — dabble in Japanese, or switch to Swahili in a click or two. Second and third languages look impressive on a resume. Plus, they let you converse in semi-private even in a crowd, which will come in handy when things reopen especially for travel.

3. Physical FitnessPhysical Fitness - The Most Popular Online Learning Courses During Lockdown

Do your gym’s doors remain closed due to the pandemic? There’s no need to sweat — or go without — thanks to the beauty of the internet. You can choose from a variety of fitness apps for whatever workout groove suits your fancy. Try on a speedy HIIT class for rapid calorie-burn or dance the night away to Zumba.

4. Musical InstrumentsMusical Instruments - The Most Popular Online Learning Courses During Lockdown

Have you ever dreamt of lying on a Hawaiian beach singing “Under the Rainbow” while strumming the ukulele? Why not use this time to take a few free lessons on YouTube? If you discover a passion for the instrument, you can sign up for advanced training with a music tutor online.

5. Cooking Instruction

Cooking Instructions - The Most Popular Online Learning Courses During Lockdown

The pandemic diet can feel like competing on an episode of “Chopped,” scarce edition. What can you do with a few fast food sauce packets and ramen?

Maybe the last example was a stretch — although you can work wonders in a pinch with those springy noodles and some soy sauce. However, you can learn how to cook authentic Mexican cuisine on YouTube, and if you discover a passion for the culinary arts, maybe invest in the cookery school. After all, even though restaurants are restructuring operations, people will always need to eat.

6. Gardening Know-HowGardening Know-How - The Most Popular Online Learning Courses During Lockdown

You might have put off your victory garden due to the recent seed shortage, but examine that tomato slice on your fork, please. What do you see? Is it something small, round, and in high demand by farmers?

Gardening classes are some of the best online courses during the lockdown. Learn how to save and plant the seeds from your organic produce. You’ll go green in your wallet, feel more self-sufficient, and learn about the life cycles. Plus, you can guarantee you won’t use harmful pesticides and be good to the planet.

7. Off-Grid LivingOff-Grid Living - The Most Popular Online Learning Courses During Lockdown

Modern life has become interesting, and with travel restrictions, it’s natural to feel trapped. But if you’re living somewhere remote, you can still learn something relevant while releasing some of that energy.

Why not take an online course while you remain attached to learn how to manage off-grid living? You’ll feel more self-sufficient and learn vital skills like preserving rainwater if you don’t have a stream nearby.

8. Carpentry How-TosCarpentry How-Tos - The Most Popular Online Learning Courses During Lockdown

Even if you’re lousy at swinging a hammer currently, you can find free online resources to help you hone your skills. The powers-that-be consider hardware stores essential, too. This availability makes it a popular online learning course during quarantine because, while you may have to pinch pennies, you can still gather supplies.

Use Lockdown For The Future

If you’re looking for popular online courses during Coronavirus restrictions, why not opt for one of the above? You’ll build your skills and make the most of your time during the quarantine. And since learning digital skills is the focus of many governments and educational settings, you better get on with that too. Be prepared for a different and much more digital world soon to come.