how do i make an international call

If you’re looking to make an international call, you’ll need to have the correct phone numbers for your country and the country you’re calling. You can find these numbers on your phone’s international dialling guide or on the website of your phone company. You’ll also need the phone number of the person you’re calling. In this blog, we are going to see how you can make an international call.

What is an international call?

What is an international call

Making an international call is a simple process that can be completed from any phone. To make a call to another country, you will need to dial the international access code for that country and then the number you want to call. Most phones have a button that allows you to do this easily.

How much does a call cost?

Making an international call can be expensive depending on the country you are calling from and the type of call you are making. The basic cost of a telephone call from the United States to Japan is about $10, but calls to other countries can be much more expensive. A typical long-distance telephone call from the US to the UK costs about $25, and a similar call to Australia or China will cost considerably more.

How do I place a call?

How do I place a call

To place a call from your computer, open the “Phone” app and find the country you want to call in the list of countries. Click on the country’s name and enter the phone number. If you have an international plan with your carrier, dial the international access code followed by the country code. Otherwise, simply dial the local number.

Who will pay for the call?

Making an international call can be expensive, depending on the country you are calling from and the type of phone call you are making.

There are a few ways to make cheap international calls:

1. Use a VoIP service. Many VoIP providers offer cheap international calls. VoIP is a technology that allows you to make phone calls over the internet using your computer. This means you don’t have to use up your mobile phone minutes or use up your talk time on your home phone.

2. Use Skype. Skype is a popular VoIP service that offers cheap international calls. You can make calls to people who have Skype installed on their computers or phones.

3. Use a calling card from abroad. Calling cards are available in most countries and allow you to make cheap international calls without having to enter your credit card information or get connected to an account with a specific provider like Skype or VoIP.

4. Use prepaid calling cards from home country’s telecom companies. Prepaid calling cards work just like regular calling cards except that they are preloaded with credits that can be used for international calls. You simply insert the prepaid card into the phone and dial the number you want to call, then wait for the bill!


Making an international call can be a tricky business, but with the right tools and instructions, it’s not too difficult to get started. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive guide or just a few simple steps to follow, we’ve got you covered. Remember to keep things simple when making your international calls — use the basics of language pronunciation and dialing codes to make your calls go more smoothly.