There are many fastest ways to start earning online in India to make money from online you need a have a good knowledge of social media and blogs. The main 4 ways to earn money online are social media, free launching, youtuber, blogger.

The best way and the easiest among these 4 is to work as a free launcher. But this not as simple you think they are an infinite number of companies you are in search of free launching.

The business people prefer free launching as they the payment received by the free launcher will be less when compared to the companies which offer the service.

You can work as a free launcher, but you will receive the payment only submit the report to the one who gave you a task. You need to put more efforts to do the free launching works. You will receive more jobs if you complete the work in on time and give the best result. 

The best way for Indians students to earn money is learning about SEO, digital marketing. Nowadays many International Company hires Indians for SEO and digital marketing works.

They pay higher than Indian companies. If you’re a student you can start to learn about the SEO right from the college days and earn money from online.

If you earn money online, you can increase your economy, and on expanding the economy, you can improve your country’s economy. You can make as a blogger you need to create a blog and post blogs in a regular period of time.

Once your blogs are ranked in SERPs, then advertisers will directly contact you and ask for the ads to be placed in your blogs and you can fix the money depending upon their ads. You can have decided whether it may be early or a monthly package. 

 You can become a youtuber based upon your interest you can select the topic which you’re going to upload the videos on your channel.

To make money as a youtuber, you should earn more subscribers by the number of subscriber’s advertiser will contact you to place an advertisement on your channel. You can fix the money for the posters on your channel depending upon on the ads whether it is a link or a video.

You should increase the subscribers by uploading the videos and sharing them. If you don’t have more follower’s advertisers will not approach you.

Another way to earn from online in India is social media you need to create social media accounts and need to get many followers.

To get many followers, you must share many post and videos which should be liked by many people, and the followers should be increased.

You need to improve the followers if you have more followers in the social media advertisers will contact you for the post, and if post the ads related to them they will pay for you.  

There many more ways to earn online even as a student.

You can read the ultimate guide to earn money online by Fernando Raymond on his blog.

How to earn money online in India as a student?