Steps to download videos on YouTube Go

YouTube is the most popular video app used by billions of people around the globe. It is the trusted app for the users, suitable for all the users whether they are browsing in desktop, tablet, or mobile. The responsive layout of the app is suitable for all the devices. Google has released another version of YouTube, known as YouTube Go. Many users search for how To download Video on YouTube Go App.

how To download Video on Youtube Go App

Features of YouTube Go

  • The availability of preview videos on YouTube Go gives the user an idea about the whole video. The user can decide accordingly, whether it can be watchable or not. You can access the preview at the thumbnail.

  • The videos you watch on YouTube Go have different quality options such as basic and standard. You can watch the video which is best-suited for your data plan.

  • The popular and trending videos are suggested at the home screen of the app. You can watch what is trending currently without searching for the video.

  • With YouTube Go app, you can share videos with your friends in offline also. It enables you to receive and send videos without using data in offline instantly.

  • There is an option to remove the video from the home screen if you do not like the video.

YouTube Go is popular as it makes finding and downloading the trending videos easy. Additionally, you can watch the videos offline also at any time. For individuals who are looking for how To download Video on YouTube Go App, have to first sign-in into the app. The steps are the following

  • You have to first download and install the YouTube Go app from Google play store. Then open the app.

  • Select the language and proceed to the next step.

  • Choose the Google account you want to sign in with.

  • Then review permission and tap on the start button

Steps to download the video:

  • Open YouTube go app

  • Then go to the video you want to download on your device in internal storage or SD card.

  • Tap on the concerned video for once

  • The different quality options will appear on the screen. You can choose a standard video or high-quality video from the option as per your data plan.

  • Then tap on the download button.

  • You can see the percentage of download or download in progress on the home screen of the app.

  • If you lost connection during the download period, the download would be resumed once you regain connectivity.

  • After completion of the download, the video is stored in the device automatically.

  • If you want to enjoy the video offline, you have to reconnect to Wi-Fi or mobile data periodically.

YouTube GO uses minimum data in downloading and streaming the video on the app.

downlode you tube videos

How to access the downloaded videos

The app enables you to access the downloaded videos on your device storage as well as in the app. You have to log in the account with the same address in which you downloaded the video.

  • After logging in to the app, go to the menu appear on the top of the page

  • Then click on the settings

  • You can find the profile section there; your account will appear there on which you have logged in.

  • There you can find the downloaded videos and can play those.

You have to follow these simple steps if you are wondering how To download Video on Youtube Go App easily. The app has some special features that make it immensely popular among internet users around the world instantly.