Different Types of Wedding Rings your can Buy from Hatton Garden

The Hatton Garden Street in London is famous for its jewellery outlets. It is known to attract at least 1 million people each year who come there for shopping. Whether you are shopping for a regular pair of earrings or for jewellery for a grand occasion, Hatton Garden will give you plenty of choices to choose from. Most people who visit Hatton Garden are shopping for diamond rings for their wedding. If you are one of them, then here are a few wedding ring types you can choose from in Hatton Garden.

Different Wedding Ring Types you can buy from Hatton Garden, London

Diamond solitaire ring

Diamond Solitaire Ring

Hatton Garden is known for its diamonds, the most popular one being the diamond solitaire wedding rings hatton garden. The solitaire ring is a popular choice for wedding rings because its simple design allows you to wear it every day. Diamonds are known to be one of the hardest substance on earth which can withstand a lot of wear and tear which makes them an ideal stone to incorporate in your wedding band.

Gold Band

Gold Band

The gold band is one of the most preferred ring types when it comes to a wedding band because of its simplicity. The plain gold wedding band is classic, stylish and versatile. It can be worn by both men and women at all times of the day. Gold is a noble metal which does not tarnish and therefore wearing a gold wedding ring during the normal household chores will not dull its shine. If you wish, you can customize it with intricate designs, carvings or message.

Platinum bands

Platinum Bands

Platinum is a precious metal that is known for its scratch-resistant properties. This is the reason why it the choice of metal for wedding rings.  Additionally, the graceful grey shade of the metal makes it stand apart from the rest. Platinum rings can be worn every day and may come with certain embellishments to add charm to the look of the ring.

Signet rings

Signet Rings

Signet rings are a popular choice of rings when it comes to wedding rings. Signet rings are those which have a raised face in the centre. This raised flat face can be engraved with the initials of your spouse and therefore makes a beautiful and meaningful wedding ring. It can also contain some accents to make it more attractive. Signet rings are usually worn by men but can be worn by women too.

Pave set rings

Pave Set Rings

Pave set rings are those which contain a row of diamonds, of the same shape and size, arranged next to each other in a row. Diamonds are the preferred stones since they are sturdy and stand for everlasting love. They can either be made of natural diamonds or they can be synthetic diamond rings. This simple yet versatile design looks very pretty when worn. Additionally, it can easily be stacked with your engagement allowing you to wear both at the same time. The diamonds can be embedded in platinum, white gold or yellow gold for a contrasting appearance.