Are you thinking of proposing?

Feeling a little bit daunted with the amount of choice out there?

We have some insights on what to consider when making your choices.

In every proposal, the engagement ring is the first star of the show, it is usually the context of the image used to announce the happy occasion. choosing a ring—or rather, the perfect ring for your spouse-to-be must be one of the toughest decisions to make.

Fear not, we are here to help with a few tips on things to bear in mind in your quest to find an engagement ring that encapsulates your unique love story the best.

Your Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

1. Set your budget

Engagement-Rings-FactorsYou can’t go past any of the steps in this guide without specifying a budget for the investment in the ring you are about to purchase. Some make the mistake of purchasing an extremely expensive ring even though it is beyond their price range. Allotting a limit to how much money you can spend helps narrow down your options. It also makes the process a lot easier on your part.

Set a budget that you are comfortable with and that your partner would be happy for you to spend, if you are saving for something big like a house it may not go down well if you spend big on a ring, for now, spend within your means, the significance of the ring is the important bit and choosing a design that is everything your partner has dreamed of is the main thing to get right. Don’t forget a ring can always be reworked and added to in the future if your circumstances change and you fancy giving the ring a little upgrade!

2. Know Your Partner’s Style

Tips-for-Engagement-Ring-ShoppingWhat diamond cut or band design does your partner fancy the most? It can be overwhelming so try investigating their engagement ring preferences, subtly. But knowing your beloved’s aesthetic and dream engagement ring will make the proposal more meaningful and memorable. Every individual who’s been in a long-term relationship has had dreams about the perfect wedding proposal.

There are sneaky little ways if your partner isn’t the blatant hinting type who sends links to you frequently. They may have a Pinterest board where they have saved imagery of some style that may have caught their eye. Have a rummage through their jewellery box and clock which pieces they wear more frequently. What better way to make their dream come true than to present them with a ring that meets their expectations?

Not only that but sticking to what your partner likes shows just how well you know them.

3. Boost Your Diamond Knowledge

Tips-for-Buying-an-Engagement-RingIf you want a diamond as the centerpiece of your ring, then you need to understand that diamonds come in different shapes and cuts. You’ve got to choose from the round, emerald, cushion, princess, oval, radiant, pear, and marquise diamonds. Each diamond shape suits a particular aesthetic and style. You also have the choice of a mined Diamond or a Lab-created diamond.

These days alternative stones are often used in engagement rings too, so you can also broaden your options with other types of gems. Bear in mind that not all Gemstones are suitable for a ring to be worn every day though, they need to be rated high on the MOH scale of hardness to be suitable for a ring that will be worn every day for many years to come.

4. Measure Their Ring Size

how-to-choose-an-engagement-ringThis is perhaps the trickiest part of preparing for a proposal. Like knowing what your future spouse’s ring preferences are, it is really helpful to know their ring size. Unless the proposal or engagement is a topic that you’ve both discussed carefully and thoroughly, then you need to do this as stealthily as you can to keep from dropping any hints.

If your partner likes to wear jewelry, it will be easier to estimate their ring size. When doing so, it is better to under-estimate, many styles of rings can be stretched up a couple of sizes without having to apply heat, to go down in size of up significantly involves adding or removing sections of metal and soldering the joint back up, this will normally be an additional charge, so it is handy to get the size right or as near to first time.

5. Pick a Ring Setting

Things-to-Know-Before-Buying-an-Engagement-RingThe ring setting refers to how the gems are mounted or set into the band. Think of the setting as the frame that surrounds and complements the gemstone at the center of the ring.

Different settings are suitable for different types of people, if someone is very outdoorsy and leads an action-adventure lifestyle, it would be advisable to stay away from a claw setting and veer towards a bezel setting where the stones are encapsulated in a smooth finished lip of metal around the edge holding the stone in place, meaning it gives adds protection to the lip of the stones and has no small elements that can catch on things.

Claw settings can be suitable for most people but may need to be taken off for certain activities.

6. Choose a Metal for the Ring Band

Choosing-the-Best-Engagement-RingGold is the most popular choice of metal for engagement rings as it is far stronger than Silver. Gold is available in different Carats which is graded due to the different alloys added to the gold to give it its structure, each carat has its own individual color tone, for example, 9ct White Gold is a lighter whiter tone than 18ct which has a steel gray tone to it, 9ct Yellow Gold is a Lighter more yellow tone to the deeper orange tone to 18ct and 24ct.

All Golds are well-suited for colorless diamonds and help enhance the gemstone’s stellar beauty. If using an alternative stone for the ring picking the right gold can be an additional element to consider complimenting your gemstone best.

7. Inspect the Quality

Engagement-Rings-FactorsAll Precious metal items sold in the UK are required by law to have an official Assay Office Hallmark, anything weighing over 7.78g in Sterling Silver and anything over 1g in Gold must be hallmarked by law to be sold using the descriptive words “Silver” or “Gold”.

An official Assay Office stamp consists of several individual stamps showing the Assay Office that has tested the item, the year, the metal purity, and often a maker’s mark, the maker’s mark is not compulsory, but the others are. I would strongly advise against buying anything without these marks of fineness, not only because they are being illegally sold but because some alloys that can be added into non-refined quality metals can cause severe skin reactions even getting into the bloodstream causing the need for hospital treatment.

8. Secure a Diamond Grading Report Plus Insurance (for the ring)

Tips-for-Engagement-Ring-ShoppingMost Diamonds will come certificated with a diamond grading report, which enumerates the gem’s qualities in full detail. It also specifies whether the diamond has undergone any type of enhancement or treatment for its clarity and shade. Moreover, the report proves essential for when you want to insure your ring. Insurance helps you cut losses and reimburse the money lost should the ring be misplaced or stolen.

That said, there is a high probability that your insurer will require a diamond grading report before providing a risk management policy for your ring. These certificates are not compulsory, but any high-quality diamond will come with one or can be requested as part of the conditions of sale.

The perfect promise ring of love for your future spouse does not have to be too expensive or elaborate. At the end of the day, the perfect ring symbolizes your distinct, romantic partnership and your undying commitment to each other and you can customize this wedding tradition as you wish.