8 Outdated Wedding Traditions You Can Take Off Your Wedding List

Why should every couple follow wedding traditions to the letter? Here we discuss the outdated wedding traditions to abandon.

There is so much diversity in couples today that it just feels strange to define a wedding based on old and outdated traditions.

A wedding should be a reflection of the couple first and foremost. Today, let’s take a look at what wedding traditions you can probably get away with skipping for a more fitting alternative on your wedding list!

1. Formal Wedding Affairs

outdated-wedding-traditions-like-formal-wedding-affairs-you-can-take-offMarriage is an important event in a couple’s life, but that doesn’t mean it has to be particularly fancy! Remember, the wedding is for you and your partner to celebrate an eternal bond, and your wedding should reflect that. Think about the things you both love.

Themed weddings are a huge trend as of late, and it has made for some fun wedding photoshoots. If you both love the beach or seaside, have a bay side wedding, where your guests are decked out in summer wear. If you both have a loveable geeky side, give your wedding a pop culture prenup.  Whatever theme you choose, what matters most is that you both find the wedding memorable and unique.

2. Black and White Wedding Colours

outdated-wedding-traditions-like-black-and-white-wedding-colours-you-can-take-offBlack and white is a good colour combo, that’s for sure, but they aren’t the only ones.  Make your own style known by theming the wedding around you and your partner’s favourite colours. Years down the line, you’ll be looking back on your wedding photos more fondly thanks to that personal flair.

In fact, don’t just limit it to you and your partner’s wardrobe. Ask the wedding guests to arrive in their favorite colours as well. Everybody will feel more comfortable in their natural style, and it will make your wedding all the better for it.

3. Identical Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Wardrobes

Why limit your bridesmaids and groomsmen to wear the same clothes as each other? While obviously, you wouldn’t want them being too distracting, your wedding helpers deserve some personal stylings of their own. Instead of being exact copies of each other, why not have a subtle but similar theme with each other instead? The signifier for who the bridesmaids are could instead be identical wedding day jewelry. Every bridesmaid could wear a necklace that has the bride’s favourite colours. As for the boys, they could all wear some unique patterned ties and boutonnieres! The sky’s the limit when you are no longer shackled by the conformity of a traditional wedding.

4. Bridal Veil

outdated-wedding-traditions-like-bridal-veil-you-can-take-offThe bridal veil is the most traditional of all wedding traditions, but if you don’t feel it’s for you, why not spice things up? A veil isn’t the only way to add some beauty to your bridal outfit. Extravagant headdresses studded tiaras, and even simple flower crowns can be alternatives to the traditional bridal veil. Find a headpiece that accentuates your outfit without overpowering it.

5. Shower of Rice

outdated-wedding-traditions-like-shower-of-rice-you-can-take-offThe tradition in most weddings is to toss rice at the couple as they walk out of the church and to their honeymoon vehicle. This is done alongside the usual hooting and cheering, but rice isn’t the most photogenic of stuff to throw at a newlywed couple. Confetti cannons provide a beautiful burst of colour to your wedding photos. Bubbles and light sparklers also provide a fun atmosphere. More importantly, unlike rice and confetti cannons, bubbles and light sparklers are much easier to clean up afterward.

6. A Conventional Altar

If you aren’t particularly religious, there’s no reason to follow a traditional altar. Make a customized altar that best fits your wedding theme. A customized altar is particularly fitting for outdoor wedding venues. For example, in a beach wedding, an altar composed of seashells and coral would be a nautical treat. If you’re a couple who adores forests and camping, a gigantic bonfire (unlit or lit at your daring) could serve as a wild alternative to the traditional altar. Whatever kind of altar you create, the best part about it is that it perfectly reflects you and your partner. Plus, you can have it as a keepsake in your new home!

7. The Classic Vows

“In sickness and in health”’ is such a cliché at this point, let’s be honest. While it means well, do you think it captures everything about what you’re dedicating to each other? Certainly not. Create personalized wedding vows that reflect on your relationship in the present, and the married life to expect moving forward. Your vows need to be as heartfelt and personalized as possible. There are just some things that a generic template of words can’t get across, so a personalized vow fixes those issues.

8. The Bridal Bouquet

outdated-wedding-traditions-like-the-bridal-bouquet-you-can-take-offFlowers are gorgeous and all, but why not mix things up with alternative options like a herbal wedding bouquet? Think of an important object that you hold dear. For the sporty bride, perhaps a basketball carrying flowers could be tossed at the end. If you have a favourite book, why not create a beautiful container with your favourite passages from the book printed on it? Some couples even skip the flowers altogether. Instead of the typical flora, a cute alternative would be various plush toys as the arrangement. For a more sentimental route, you could have a collage of your best moments as a couple in a stylish arrangement.

There you have some modern wedding ideas that may be more adequate than some outdated wedding traditions plus probably more fun. You could also book a magician to entertain the kids or do whatever else you fancy as it’s your special day.