10 Simple Magic Tricks for Children

Magic tricks for children can be a fun and joyful way for parents to keep the family entertained. After all, everyone loves magic. Magic tricks are always fun but, do you know magic tricks are suitable for kids as, at a very little age, it will build confidence and help in making their social skills, especially if your kid is a little shy. Here are 10 simple magic tricks for children that you can teach to get a budding magician started. Help your children to get interacted with the best digital magicians and learn the best magic tricks.

10 Simple Magic Tricks For Children

1. Rubber Pencil Trick

It is the oldest magic trick that every magician, even the youngest magicians, can perform. In this trick, you have to hold the pencil down with the eraser and start shaking it at just the right velocity, so it appears to be made of bendable rubber instead of wood. This doesn’t require any special techniques, and you have to do a lot of practice to get the right speed.

2. Spoon Bending Trick

Spoon Bending Trick

This trick is all about the way you hold the spoon. You have to press down on the spoon while sliding your hand along the handle, giving the illusion of the spoon bending. It will require some practice, but it is easy for children.

3. Coin Disappearing Trick

A coin disappearing trick is a basic and the best way to help kids develop good motor skills and confidence that is needed to perform magic. The trick here is to perfect the sleight of hand so that when the coin left’s the magician’s hand, no one notices.

4. Magnetic Pencil Trick

Children can easily fool their friends with this classical magic trick. You only require a pencil for this illusion or a pen and a child’s hand.  The hand should have something on the wrist like a watch or bracelet that can hold the pencil and help as a destruction, but it is unnecessary.

5. Plucking A Coin From The Air

This trick will require setup and practice, but it will amaze the audience once the child has mastered it. Using some general tape or a safety pin and some books for distraction, your child will wow the audience as they make a coin appear from thin air.

6. Levitating Card Trick

Levitating Card Trick

This is an impressive but easy card trick for children. The child has to create a unique “trick” card using plastic and super glue. By this, children will make the card look like it has levitated in the air off their palm. But, the live audience will want to touch the card so you can perform this trick on skype for your grandparents. However, with good practice and confidence, children can even fool a live audience.

7. Make An Egg Pass-Through A Small Bottle Hole

This trick is more of a science experiment, but it looks like magic. For this trick, you will need a cooled, peeled hard-boiled egg, a glass bottle with a smaller hole than the egg, a piece of paper, and a lighter. If you need further clarifications, it is advisable to book a magician online or offline.

8. Turning Water Into Ice

Turning Water into Ice

This incredible water trick is half magic, half science experiment. For this, you need a purified bottle of water and something cold on which you can pour the water. Leave the bottle of water in the freezer for a complete two hours, take it out and see the magic happen. You can also try food colourings in your water to make it more visually exciting.

9. The Magnetic Hand Trick

Magnetic Hand Trick

With this trick, children can fool the public into thinking that standard playing cards are magically sticking to their hands. For this, you have to make your own “trick” card, but it can be done quickly with glue.

10. Make Yourself Fly

With good practice, children will trick their friends into thinking that they are floating in the air! This trick requires the correct body positioning and lots of practice.