After being unable to travel for so long you have decided to take a huge leap and travel to the East Coast of the United States. You have started your research about where to go and what to do but you get overwhelmed and desperately need help.

You have plenty of time available and no restrictions about where to go but are seeking a list and description of some of the best and most enjoyable places to go along the stunning Atlantic Coast.

You may choose one area of the East Coast to hone in on or you can drive or fly to areas up and down the coast.

No list that anyone will give you will be comprehensive, there is just too much to see and do but you must start someplace so check out these seven must-see locations.

Niagara Falls

Underrated-Places-To-Visit-On-American-East-CoastNiagara Falls, New York is one of the most breathtaking sights on the East Coast. The natural beauty of the falls cascading over the rocks is an amazing sight. A lot will depend on the weather conditions when you go but the scenery changes with each season.

While there you can see many related sights, but one is extra special. The Maid of the Mist boat ride is a wet and wild trip adjacent to the falls. Luckily you will be given a rain poncho but don’t be surprised if you still get soaked!

Statue of Liberty

unique-places-to-stay-on-east-coastThe Statue of Liberty in New York City, New York alone is worth the trip to what natives call “the city”. Located on Ellis Island, you can reach the statue by boat. Approaching it in that way gives you a great sense of the immensity of this work of art.

Ellis Island and the statue have a wonderful history and you will learn a lot about the journey of immigrants to the US.

Of course, if you are already in New York City, find time to stay for as long as you can because the sights to see in NYC are numerous and varied. NYC is truly the “City that Never Sleeps.”

State Parks

must-see-places-on-east-coastState Parks are a thrill for those who like to stay in nature and enjoy the sights in the small but beautiful state. If you enjoy staying in a setting with lovely campgrounds completely ready for your visit, there are great accommodations for those seeking West Virginia State Park camping.

The state has over 25 state parks each with a unique view of the natural sights of the state. In some of these settings, you can reserve camping sites that come with all you need to enjoy your stay.

Companies like Tentrr can set you up with tents, beds, tables and chairs, fire pits, and grills. You will also have access to park facilities including showers and toilets. Anything you can imagine you might see or do in a state park can be enjoyed in West Virginia.

Lincoln Memorial


The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. is just one of many things to see in the nation’s capital. Dedicated in 1922, the monument is nearly 100 feet high and the pictures of it never live up to seeing the real thing.

While you are in Washington there are many more sights to see. The Smithsonian is a large collection of museums all of which are free to visitors. D.C. is also home to the Capitol, the White House, and the National Archives.

Mount Vernon

Locations-to-Visit-US-East-CoastMount Vernon, Virginia was the home of George Washington. If you have traveled to Washington D.C., it is not a far trip to visit this plantation. A new endeavor for the plantation is making the whiskey that George himself made and drank! President Washington and his wife Martha are buried on the grounds.

The Biltmore Estate

Locations-to-Visit-US-East-CoastBiltmore Estate and grounds are further down south if you are traveling from Virginia. Located in North Carolina, the mansion was owned by the Vanderbilt family, one of the richest families of their time.

The house and grounds are magnificent and if you are able you should go during the Christmas holiday as the house is beautifully decorated to celebrate. In addition, the grounds of the estate were designed by Frederick Law Olmstead who designed Central Park in New York City.

The Everglades

Best-Places-to-Visit-on-East-Coast-USAThe Everglades in Florida, should you get that far south, are a totally unique ecosystem. If you are afraid of alligators, don’t go because you will definitely see them as you travel by airboat in the area.

Wrapping Up

As you may be able to discern, this list barely scratches the surface of what you can see and do on the East Coast. Many Americans live their whole lives just traveling in the area and even they cannot see it all. Pack your bag, get set, and go have fun and enjoy some of the best the world has to offer.