Decorating a fireplace mantel is no easy task: it is nearly always the focal point of your living room, so it must provide visual appeal without seeming crowded or hectic.

Mantels are excellent focus pieces for interiors. Working with your overall design and considering balance and symmetry can aid in bringing your mantel décor to life. Suppose you’re unsure how to decorate your mantel for your home renovation project.

In that case, the following information will assist you in determining what looks good on a fireplace mantel and how to transform your fireplace ideas and current mantel appearance into an eye-catching standout piece for your house.

1. Vivid Artwork

Fireplace-Decor-IdeasFireplaces and their mantels are naturally the focal points of any room, and a piece of colorful, eye-catching artwork may help them stand out even more. This magnificent exhibit has a large artwork with brilliant colors that coordinates with the rest of the room’s décor. A pair of candlesticks and a trio of identical vases surround the artwork, creating a well-balanced arrangement employing the Rule of Threes.

While it may be tempting to put identical sets of vases or candlesticks on your mantel just because they will match, there is something wonderful about mixing pieces with varying patterns, shapes, and textures that also complement the rest of the living room like a green sofa for example.

Mirrors, rather than paintings of varying sizes, can be used to achieve a similar effect. We like the mismatched forms and finishes of these mantel mirrors flanked by a few spindly plants in simple containers. There is no need to spend a fortune on new mirrors—head to your local charity store to get some secondhand beauties, which are certain to have more character.

Another attractive mantel feature is that it provides perfect storage space for some of your favorite items, such as souvenirs, art pieces, sculptures, and knickknacks. You have several decorating possibilities when you have a mantle above your fireplace.

2. Height with Florals

How-To-Make-A-Fireplace-MantelBecause a mantel is often a small space, balance and size are critical interior design principles to consider. A flower arrangement is an excellent way to add height to your mantel, particularly if your living room is tiny.

Flowers are lovely at any time of year, but I have a specific fondness for dried blooms and leaves, as well as red and orange flowers throughout the autumn months, she adds. They are gorgeous and lend a touch of life to your mantel.

Installing a unique mantel and surround will substantially improve the appearance and feel of the area in which it is installed. There are several architectural types to pick from, so you’re certain to find something that complements the design and décor of your house.

You may select something basic and subtle or something intricate, elaborate, and one-of-a-kind to make your fireplace become the main point of the space in which it is placed. There are several materials to choose from and a variety of finishes that enable you to tailor the color of the mantel, whether it is painted, stained, or features the natural tones of the material.

3. Draw Attention to Your Mantle

Fireplace-centerpiece-Ideas-for-Your-HomeAnother excellent approach to including your fireplace is to have an elegant, colorful mantle like the Chesneys mantles. Not only does a mantle give you a wonderful area to exhibit a few of your favorite items – and a convenient location to hang your stockings during the holidays – it also enhances the overall attractiveness of your fireplace.

This impression may be amplified even more by painting it a bright, complementary color to the rest of your area.

Break with convention and arrange your favorite artwork and frames differently. Instead of hanging them above the mantel, carefully arrange them over it. It may give your disused fireplace a casual, carefree, and contemporary appearance, as well as an air of subtle elegance.

Utilize the transformative properties of marble adhesive to create a show-stopping fireplace. While you are often unable to use contact paper or other adhesives near an operating fireplace due to the heat’s impact, your inactive fireplace is not restricted in this way.

The mantel is not just decorative; it also protects the wall around the fireplace while it is in use. Of course, any fireplace installed in a house must adhere to local building codes, so safety should not be a problem, but additional protection in the shape of the mantle and surround would undoubtedly help.

Wrapping Up

A classic fireplace is topped with a mantel, but not all houses with fireplaces are finished with mantels. There are several advantages to having a fireplace mantel. Traditionally, the mantel was placed above the fireplace to exhibit unique artifacts and was typically a mark of grandeur. Hopefully, with the above ideas, you’ll make your fireplace stand out.