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5 Reasons Why you should hire 69 drops studio for Photo shoots in London

We live in a digital age, and a good photo can make or break your brand. A good picture can go viral within minutes and open doors you’d never imagine even in your wildest dreams. At 69 drops studio, we’re your professional and affordable photography studio here in London. Looking to shoot still images to promote your brand? Or filming an ad, a viral video, a movie, and such? You’re most welcome to try our modern studios, 69 drops studio never disappoints. We understand the essence of investing in a good quality photo or video. As such, our London studio has everything you’d expect in a modern 21st-century Photography studio. These features include ceiling track lighting systems, Superfast Fibre Wi-Fi, underfloor heating, Lounge area complete with TV and Sofas, and so much more. Oh, and did we mention that our photography studios have Disabled Access.

Here are a few reasons why 69 drops studio is your best bet for all your photography needs in London;

  1. Spacious; we have two spacious studios, each measuring about 85 Square meters (900 Sq Ft).  We can accommodate multiple subjects at once, each in their studio. You can book our photography studios and get your session in a matter of hours. We handle all types of projects including Cooking Shows; we have a fully furnished Kitchen you can use for all your photography needs.

    photostudio in London

  2. Convenient location; our studios are conveniently located within London’s Zone 2, next to Aldgate East stations and Whitechapel. That’s about 5 minutes away from Brick Lane and Shoreditch. Kindly give us a call on 020 7426 0736 for directions to our studios or to make inquiries. 69 drops studio is open seven days a week, be sure to make your booking on time to avoid any last minute hitches or disappointments.
  3. Well equipped; there’s more to a good photography studio than just some fancy lights and camera. Instead, a good photography studio needs to create the right mood and feel long before the subject sits in front of the camera.  Here at 69 drops studio, we have a fully stocked and staffed hair and makeup station. Our very experienced makeup artists and hair stylists will help bring out the best in you. Like we also mentioned, we have a kitchen area for all your Food photography needs. Thinking of creating a YouTube channel on your cooking skills? Or even still images to hype up your Instagram followers? 69 drops studio is the ideal place for all that and more.
  4. A wide variety of services; we understand only too well that photography is broad and diverse. Our in-house photography team comprises of highly talented and creative photographers and equipment operators. Whether you’re looking for commercial photography, fashion photography, interactive imagery, whatever it is; as long as it is about photography, 69 drops studio will do it. Create memories of a lifetime with our world-class DSLR photo cameras.
  5. Affordable rates; 69 drops studio has pocket-friendly rates to ensure that you don’t dig so deep into your pocket. From as little as £110 for 4 hours to £300 for 12 hours, you can book your session on a weekday and create those magical shots for your brand or even for fun.  Feel free to engage us, and we’ll always strive to work with you even when you’re on a tight budget. We’re passionate about what we do, and we love photography. Get in touch, let’s discuss your project and see the best way forward.

photography studio in London


69 drops studio promises you nothing but the best quality photos; we have what it takes to create those magical shots. Our thoroughly heated London photography studios are well equipped plus we provide free high-speed internet. You can post and share your images with friends, family, and the world in real time.

Enjoy excellent discounts during this festive season when you book our studios. Our professional photographers and makeup artists are on standby; they’re just a phone call away. Talk to us on 020 7426 0736 or drop an email on for all your inquiries. For more info have a look at