Your brand is everything and when you start off, this should be the main point you need to look at to be able to have a successful launch and a healthy growth period.

It is quite worrying the number of times we see new brands come to the market and have basically no skills when it comes to branding which in turn causes drastic effects for the business before it’s hit the ground.

It isn’t only small businesses who get this wrong, big companies make these mistakes too, and with a budget as big as theirs, it can be a huge risk.

In this article, we will go through some of the top branding mistakes to avoid in 2022.

1. Not Living Up To Your Brand Promise

Small-Business-Marketing-Mistakes-to-AvoidAt some point, you need to ensure that your brand is sticking to its promise from its beliefs. Everyone knows that if you break a promise, it leaves the other person distrusting you. The same goes here with a brand, if you break your promise, it can result in your customers losing trust and not using you again due to their grudges. It is then much harder to retain that customer.

Social media is a huge part of business branding these days and if a customer has a bad experience, it is not going to take long before they start plastering it all over the internet for people to see. When a brand follows its promises, its customer base will increase naturally due to people giving positive reviews and sharing the positive vibe.

2. Applying Your Brand Inconsistently

marketing-failures-to-AvoidA common mistake that occurs with some business branding is that they are inconsistent with the branding. This is something that happens with the logo all the time, whether this is the colour schemes on different platforms or even swapping logos each month. This simply causes too much confusion for the customers.

By having an inconsistent branding theme, it is difficult to have your customers identify who you are which loses brand trust. One way in which you can ensure that you are consistent is to have a style guide for your brand which tells whoever needs it the colours, dimensions, fonts, etc that your brand needs to be in.

3. Failing To Differentiate Your Brand

Marketing-Mistakes-to-AvoidTo make your brand stand out from the crowd, you need to look great whilst also being unique. This uniqueness will have your shoppers hooked for longer. If you just look good, then there is nothing differentiating yourself from another brand.

When you don’t differentiate your brand, your customers won’t be able to tell the difference between you and other brands meaning they will opt for the cheaper option. You can do this by analysing your competitors and looking for differentiations which you can then make a big noise about.

4. Not Defining Your Brand Strategy First

Marketing-Mistakes-to-AvoidFor you to understand what your brand can achieve, you first need to understand your competitors and their strategic position. This way you will then be able to define your brand, your customers, and any challenges that you may face on the way. You will also be able to identify some objectives that you need to commit to.

This way you will be able to have a direction to follow and will also be able to move your efforts to build a brand that will grow. A working brand strategy will align their view with that of their customer’s experience so if you are struggling, then a branding agency Manchester or London based will be the best options for some of the best talents in the UK.

5. Starting With A Cheap Brand Logo

Top-Branding-Mistakes-to-Avoid-in-2022One of the biggest mistakes for a brand is that they often use extremely cheap logo methods such as either using an online generator or using some cheap service that requires little to no imagination. Most brands like to cut costs as much as they can, but the saying is true. You buy half price, you buy twice. As we said, there are many ways in which you can get your logo, just make sure it aligns with your brand and that of your customer’s.

There are many different mistakes that can be made when creating a brand, but these are the most common factors that can affect your growth.