Why You Should Create A Blog?

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Why You Should Create A Blog?

Many people nowadays have interest in Blogging and don’t know the strategic way to execute the skills. Here let’s see some proper ways to get started with the blogging.


# Choose The Domain/Niche
# Register Domain & Host The Site
# Update Content & Drive Traffic
# Start Earning

Choose the domain or niche:

Why Should Create A Blog

The first step in blogging is the domain or industry in which you have interest and knowledge. You may choose the domain which you are aware of like photography, sports, business, etc. Based on your interest, you can choose one and start working on that.

Register Domain & Host the Website:

Why You Should Create A Blog

Once you have decided the niche to blog. then as a next step, you can choose a domain name and register from the best domain name registrar like SeekaHost. It is better to host the website in the same place where you are registering the domain. I would recommend you to go with SeekaHost for both the domain registering & hosting. SeekaHost provides good customer support 24 by 7.

Update Content & Drive Traffic:

how to start a blog

The main job of the blogger is to update the website with the quality content regularly. Post blogs on trending topics to make the users engage with your website. Social presence is very important, share your daily blogs on all the Social Media platforms to gain more reach for the brand. This will also help you in gaining more traffic to the business website.

Start Earning:

When you receive the recommended amount of traffic to your website, then you can apply for Google Adsense and can also earn through that. But attaining Google Adsense is not a simple task, it requires lots of hard work to be done on the website for the approval.





Hence as a blogger willing to start a website follow the simple steps in the below infographic. This will help you to promote yourself to the next level in the blogging. Visit to learn on how to Start a WordPress In 5 Minutes.

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