Business Waste Guide

Owning or renting a business premises comes with certain duties that you have to perform according to UK law.

One of these is having the correct things in place to deal with your business waste removal. All businesses produce a certain amount of rubbish that needs to cleared so it is not hanging around causing a hazard which could harm employees, the general public or the Environment.

You will need to organise safe storage for it and legal disposal, and one of the best ways to do this is to use a licensed company to deal with it safely and efficiently. A good company can supply you with the necessary equipment to do the job properly and keep everything above board.

You can safely store waste in large bins or containers which are clearly labeled. You must also not store certain materials together to reduce cross contamination. You can get more information on this by visiting the website

Recycling waste is one of the best ways to remove your built up rubbish and there are plenty of companies to do this for you. You must check that they have the correct licences for this and are not dumping illegally.

Business waste includes materials from commercial activity for instance paper, card and food. Also included is demolition waste, construction waste and Agricultural.

For more information on waste disposal please visit

For some tips on recycling, you can watch the clip below!